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Neverland Cruises

🦎 After our departure from Cave Cay, we dropped anchor for the night at Bitter Iguana Cay, also known as Iguana Island.

This island is home to the bright and curious Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas, and you can see their long dark bodies scattered along the beach from quite a ways away. These friendly fellas are comfortable around people as they are regularly fed by locals and tourists alike, and definitely know what a bag of fruit looks like. We had to keep our treats (cantaloupe and apple) well above our waist or we would be set upon by three or four tiny dinosaurs tearing across the sand to take it from us. After a quick debate about whether or not they have teeth, John learned the hard way--they do.

Bahamian Rock Iguanas are indigenous and not found anywhere else in the world. Scientists have traveled from all over the world to study their behavior and prehistoric features, most are about two feet in length, however, they can grow up to four feet from head to tail with distinctive pink markings around their face. This species is a dying breed and they are in danger of becoming extinct. It is estimated there are only 5,000 left of its kind and the population has decreased over 50% over the course of the past 60 years.

🦎 Overall, Iguana Island is a great place to stop to make some new scaly friends.
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