Neverland is sailing around the world, and we’d love for you to join us!

Destination Crew

Join our crew and experience all the fun and adventure of some of our favorite destinations. We’ll be familiar with these areas and can help facilitate an unforgettable experience full of the types of activities you most desire. We like to think of ourselves as the facilitators of group adventures, and we love for our crews to come together with us to create fun, participative, and truly swashbuckling experiences.

Voyage Crew

Have a few weeks or more to get away? Always wanted to learn more about sailing or liveaboard life as a cruiser? Are you location independent or a digital nomad and looking for a unique way to experience life for awhile? Or maybe you’re a fellow creative who’d like to collaborate with us on some oceanic content. Then join us for a voyage between destinations to experience life at sea and explore unknown places.




Send us a message below with thoughts or questions. Visit the contact page to inquire about a trip on Neverland.