booking policy and safety


We understand traveling in the time of COVID is full of uncertainty and we want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Our COVID-19 Booking Policy

Islands and countries in the Caribbean have different and evolving policies for tourist travel during the time of COVID. As part of your trip planning we will advise you of all the required COVID protocols and procedures for traveling to your destination, which may include providing negative PCR test results and/or proof of travel/medical insurance.

We highly recommend that you purchase “cancel-for-any-reason” travel insurance to cover your nonrefundable trip and travel expenses in the event you’re not able to travel, and we’ll be happy to provide you with resources for finding affordable insurance policies.

Please Remember

No matter your personal feelings about the COVID pandemic, masks, vaccination, etc; we are visiting small, isolated islands and countries that are taking the health and safety of their residents very seriously. Many of these places have limited resources and cannot cope with their healthcare systems being overwhelmed. Your safety is our top priority, but equally important is how we conduct ourselves as guests of these islands. Many local residents still fear the risk of hosting international tourists, so now more than ever we all need to be safe and respectful visitors.

Please consider using a washable, reusable cloth mask as opposed to disposable ones. We are finding more and more disposable masks in the water every day as millions of masks are being thrown away and are contributing to sea pollution. Sea birds are getting tangled in the strings, and turtles are eating masks mistaking them for jellyfish. If you do use disposable masks, please dispose of them properly.


Testing and Quarantine

Many countries have developed travel authorization procedures which may require you to provide negative PCR test results before you travel. Some countries may require a period of quarantine on board Neverland before being allowed to return to shore. We will always keep our guests updated with any changes to travel policies and procedures as soon as possible but we encourage guests to stay up to date as well.


John and Eryn are both vaccinated.

Safety While Traveling

Please continue being mindful of socially distancing yourselves, especially in the weeks leading up to your trip with us. Avoid public places as much as possible, wear masks while you are in public, and wash your hands frequently.

Most airlines require wearing masks while flying, and we encourage you to wear them throughout your travels. If we venture into populated areas during our trip we will ask you to bring your mask along to comply with local requirements. We will have extra masks on board, too.

Make sure to travel with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to wipe down arm rests and tray tables on planes, as well as anywhere else you’re spending time in public (cafe tables, etc).

Safety Onboard

One of the nice things about traveling on Neverland is the inherent isolation. We are on a boat with very little interaction with others and spend most of our time in nature. John and Eryn sailed over 1,000 miles over three months this past summer to bring Neverland back to Florida from the Virgin Islands and did not get sick. We attribute much of that good luck to our isolation and diligent health precautions. Even so, we take every precaution we can to keep ourselves and our guests healthy and safe.

The boat will be sanitized before your arrival. Once aboard we will ask everyone to wash their hands on the cockpit before entering the boat interior.

We will have sanitizing wipes and disinfecting cleaner on board and will wipe down common areas on the boat daily.

We will have hand sanitizer available in the common areas and in the bathrooms, and we encourage you to use it in addition to regular hand washing.




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